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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I wrote a novel

   Wow, here it is the first blog entry of my first blog. A simple step for many, a huge breakthrough for me. After reviewing many, many, OK many blogs from successful authors in my opinion, I have committed to taking the plunge and beginning my own blog.
   I apologize I can't promise that there will be pages and pages of useful material that people have been searching for, or any winning combinations for future lottery winnings. But what there will be is a step by step journey of what I will be attempting to go through in the weary world of book publishing. Yes, it is true I have written a novel. I know, I know the first blog ever dedicated to the journey of an aspiring author!
And although not a riveting platform or new concept in any respect, I will be posting what I have learned a long the way in my quest to have my novel published.
  The story is not completely finished yet, and I wonder when a writer is writing do they ever feel their work is complete? There is some fine tuning that needs to be accomplished before I am ready to release my hold on this story, but it is close! It is hard to decide if 98,000 words or 105,000 words will be enough. But every day as I continue to write and rewrite I find myself drawn to what others have experienced and also looking to every piece of advice that seems to be available and filing it into my internal memory as well as bookmarking everything I can find in my computer.
So as this first post closes I will be devouring everything I can find on the topic of publishing and be putting that information here.
I must admit the entire idea of having enough of an idea to write it down over a period of two years and being able to complete a first draft of a novel has been a very rewarding experience, no matter what the outcome.
Let's see if I feel that way in 6 months!

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  1. Excellent, Lisa! Your blog and your novel! If you need a volunteer in reading and proof reading, I will be happy to do it! Plus, my hubby Chris started as well to write a book so I definitely will let him know how your adventure of publishing will go...all the best to you! Marion