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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

John Locke Told Me Too

   When I started on my journey to having my novel published, I decided to follow the traditional publishing route. I wrote query letters with multiple revisions trying to entice (ok beg) any prospective literary agent to take a chance on an unknown author. Needless to say, it didn’t work out very well. With a mailbox full of thanks, but no thanks letters, I decided to research if I would be able to self-publish my novel.

   Lucky for me, the internet provided a vast amount of knowledge. I felt as if I were a kid in a candy store, with all of the information I could ever hope to find, and use in order to help with my book publishing dream. Then I came across a now well-known self-published author, John Locke. I read everything I could find on him (ok, I know what you’re thinking, and no, I am not a stalker.) I found his website, and read directly from his hand to my computer screen. And of course, I bought his book.

   To me, John Locke is the epitome of what a self-published author should be. I have followed his advice, and plan. With my second book nearing completion, I am getting closer to having an even better opening than I had for the first. So do I want to be like John Locke? You bet I do. And I will keep on churning out words and novels, just to see how far I can ride this wave. It has been a great experience so far.

   Even more important that my slight obsession over what has made John Locke so successful is the wonderful world of self-published authors I have been fortunate enough to ‘meet’ via the internet. By connecting via Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook. I have ‘met’ over 1000 people in the past month!
One particular person has made a HUGE impression on me. Her name is Shelly, and this is her blog: She is hosting a contest on her blog to help other self-pub. authors find success. She didn’t know me from anyone, I was nothing special, just another Indie Author trying to get my book out there. She didn’t ask what I had to offer her in return for all of her generous assistance, and never once has asked “What’s in it for me?”
What an asset to have, and meeting her through her website purely by chance when following someone on Twitter, because John Locke told me too.

   It makes me think of all of the other people out there who are hoping to publish, wanting to take that chance and share their work with the world. I wonder how many of those hopeful authors are just as stuck as I was? (Come on, there has to be at least one person?!? Maybe? Hopefully?) I try and put little bits of information here to help those who might stumble across it, in order to help them out.
And having been on the receiving end of that help, I want to share what I know with others as well. Just imagine what we could do, all of the Indie authors band together, helping each other to improve our writing, making each story the very best it could be simply by helping.

   So even though I looked to John Locke for his secrets, and help to promote the best book I could, I found so much more. I have found out what a great community self-published authors are, and how they seem to be very willing to help their own. (Unlike veteran nurses, they seem to eat their own, sorry nurses, but you know it’s true!)

Check out Shelly’s blog, I think you’ll like what she has to say.

And thank you to John Locke, for telling me what to do!

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Day Job

My Day Job

I think I have put it out there in an earlier post that during the day, I’m a nurse. I have to say, it is a pretty awesome job.  I feel very fortunate that I was able to get the job that I currently have. As far as nursing as a profession is concerned, my job is a pretty ‘cush’ job. I work Monday through Friday, 8 to 5, no nights, no weekends. I don’t have to worry that my coverage will call in and I will have to work a double shift, or that I will be called in to work on a weekend or a holiday. I have worked in places where that happens, so I can honestly say my current job is great. I know that I am very lucky to be where I am, so I always give 110% of myself when I am there. To the providers I work with, my co-workers and especially the patients I get to see.
But every once in a while a situation comes up that I sit at my desk for a moment and realize how lucky I really am to be where I am at in life. I had that happen today.

One of the Doctors I work for called to let me know that there was a “match” for something that was going to be needed for one of his patient’s for an upcoming surgery. That meant there was a donor. When there is a donor, that means someone died to be able to donate what is needed. 

I thought about that “donor” all day long. This person died, and made the decision to be an organ donor. Which is really great and all, but I’m still hung up on the fact of how a donation happens. I worried about their family, and how they were coping with their own personal loss. But while they lost someone dear to them, that person’s decision to be an organ donor will give another person a chance at life. What an amazing gift to be able to give.

What a wonderful selfless act this person, and thousands more do on a daily basis. None of them said what’s in it for me? They acted selflessly to help others. It makes me get really happy/sad to think about. Also, it kind of makes my helping others look pretty small, but being able to see the difference in people’s lives is an amazing gift in itself. Organ donors have helped others live, see, walk, and have a chance at living again. (Gives me Goosebumps!)

I just wanted to say thank you to anyone out there that has made the decision to be an organ donor, and if you know someone who has died, and they were an organ and tissue donor, I bow down to their presence at the incredibly kind, and selfless act that they have done. You change people’s lives, and give the gift of life.
Sorry this wasn’t a post on writing, but I just wanted to share an experience with you, Thank you for reading.