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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Ok, so my Friday was horrible, as I talked about at length on my last post. And putting all of that down to “paper” really did help get it off of my mind. But I didn’t want to leave such negativity in first place on my blog. That’s not me.  So I thought I would put some background information on my characters here for people to be able to have a little tease of the main characters in my novel. Enjoy!

Main Characters of the story:
 Heroine: Katherine Anne Montgomery (known as Kate )- a 23 year old inexperienced nurse who works on with those who are dying in a small hospital. She is quiet, works hard and is smart, but never speaks her mind. She is always worried that she did something wrong and always thinks carefully about her words before she says them.  She doesn’t ever want to hurt anyone’s feelings. She has a hard time standing up for herself, and can’t say no. She is about 5’4” tall, average build, not super skinny, but thin. She has reddish brown hair that is thick, wavy and unkempt curls that have a mind of their own. Pale skin, and sapphire blue eyes. She doesn’t have a lot of fashion sense and typically wears a t shirt and jeans, unless she is working, then blue scrubs. She lives in a tiny house with her animal family, Roscoe a gangly Rottweiler, and Frisby her horse.

Hero: Jackson Callum Hannerbe (known as Jack)- a  man who appears to be about 29 years old, but has a secret behind this. His personality is very old fashioned, proper perfect English, and he is very sure of himself, a risk taker, and a bit arrogant. He is always wearing a floor length dark brownish black coat with dark pants, a wide belt and a crisp, long sleeve, cream colored button down shirt. He wears tall boots that his pants are tucked into. He is about 6’ 0” tall. Athletic build (not body builder) with very chiseled, sharp features. His hair is dark, dark brown and tapered shorter to his neckline, and messy, tousled toward the top. His eyes are amber in color, and have a soft glow to them that is noticeable to Kate.

So, those are my two main characters, what do you think?

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