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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I read an amazing e-book today, How I sold 1 million ebooks in 5 months! By John Locke.  And yes, I would love for one day to be able to say that. Who wouldn't? It will be a goal, one day. But what was truly great about this book is how John paints a clear picture for every hopeful writer that is out there. I just wanted to say thank you to John Locke for writing  this book!

I have tried to follow the rules with writing query letters, and trying to get an agent with no luck at all.I have received many form letters saying thanks, but no thanks. I was following the rules, and getting nowhere quickly. So instead of getting discouraged, ok I got discouraged, I decided to create my own rules, and self publish my book.

Thinking about my book, and why I wrote it isn’t for vanity, or to become wealthy.  I thought of a story and just started to write it. At first it was for fun, and then I just got into it.

Writing is my favorite addiction.

 I could feel my characters coming to life, and I want to share that story.

Is my book a masterpiece of great literature work that would make Jane Austen proud? Probably not, but it’s a fun story, and one that I wanted to share with others. Even just talking about it with friends and family, and watching their reactions to the story as I explained it, or having them read a chapter here or there, and want to see more was the biggest payoff for me.

So finishing the book was great, and starting the second book has been just as exciting as writing the first one, so I needed to find a publisher.

There are numerous companies that can help a new author, and if you are gifted you can even do it yourself. But I have decided to go with a company that can help me with a lot of hand holding along the way, on my path to self-discovery as an author. I have decided to  have my book self published through 

They have a lot of helpful information on their website. I figure it is better to just provide the link rather than turn this into an advertisement for them, but wait I just did! But seriously, their website is easy to navigate and everything they offer is very easily accessible from their site. If you are an author looking to get your book published, they are definitely worth your time to look into. No matter what way you choose to go for publishing, it is better to educate yourself so you can be sure you made the best decision fr yourself.

 And do yourself a favor, go to John Locke’s website and buy this book, you will be happy you did.

Most importantly, believe in yourself and your dreams. The only one who can stop you from achieving them is you.

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