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Saturday, July 2, 2011


I have to say it I love my husband.  I actually have a coworker who kids around with me every time I see him who always asks me “How’s your husband?” And my response to him every time is…. “He’s perfect.” He smiles as he shakes his head and walks away.  We work in a very busy medical clinic, far too fast paced for me to explain to him why I feel my husband is perfect. A smile comes across my face as I think about why I feel he is perfect. And yes I am biased, but his radiating personality and the way about him is infectious to anyone who takes the time to really know him.
I can think about different instances every day that makes me feel wow, I love this man, and how lucky I am to have him in my life. But what is it that makes him perfect you ask? It is simply who he is. I can give all kinds of adjectives to describe him, funny, smart, caring, thoughtful, honest……..
But an example of him would be much better.
He wakes up every morning and goes to work, like many of us do. But the way his mind works is what makes him special. His job is no more demanding than that anyone else. But every day he focuses on his job and what he can do to improve his store. His actions are well calculated as he focuses on his goals. He has a monthly meeting with his district manager and as in many places through the world sales are dipping down, and the big bosses ask the managers what they can do to improve sales. Other managers talk about cutting costs, saving money by lowering their overhead, finding a less expensive trash collector. But not Dale, he thinks about what he can do to generate more customers, and to bring the customers to increase the sales of his store. He markets. He goes out door to door of other business. He prints out coupons and takes them to schools and hospitals. He creates mailings and sends them out. The list continues at his resourcefulness. The point is he never gives up. He takes each problem as a challenge, and finds a solution.
The hard work isn’t over in a matter of days, he doesn’t see instant success.  But because of his leg work, it pays of, big time. He is always working on increasing his numbers. Currently, he has been working on increasing his stores sales for over the past 6-7 months. At the last monthly managers meeting his store was up over 4% in sales from the beginning of the year, which may not seem like a lot, but his store brings in over $20,000 a week where the other stores in his market average about $14,000 per week. So being up 4% is a pretty good number, especially when the other stores seem to be stagnant in their growth.
And as I write this post, for this week his store is up over 20% in sales. And he isn’t complacent to just sit back and enjoy his success. He is already planning for next year when he has to go up against these numbers. He plans, and anticipates the future. But always when he is planning, he is thinking about his crew, the people who work for him, and how he can motivate his staff in order to keep the store numbers climbing. In short, he cares.
And he lives by this way of thinking, as every part of him is honest and genuine. He isn’t negative or blaming. He never asks why things happen to him, he is faced with a challenge and he deals with it. He accepts responsibility and accountability for his own actions.  He always puts other’s needs and wants before his own. And the most genuine thing about him, he never asks what’s in it for him. He achieves the goals he has placed for himself, and then he moves toward the next.
Sometimes I wonder what if 10% of the people in this world thought like that. Can you imagine what that would be like?  This is what drew me to him from the first time we met.  His passionate nature for just being himself is infectious as well. He motivates me to be a better person, and focus on what I can do to be the best person I can be. He is my motivator and he is above all else, my inspiration.
 As you read this I challenge you to find your motivator, who is your inspiration? I would love to know, e-mail me or post it here if you’re willing to share. You never know who’s life you may touch by posting.

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